Friday, March 16, 2007

OK, One More

I enjoy this video because of the last fifteen seconds when Stella's jabbering. This is original material that does not belong to Viacom.

Things Worth Remembering

While Stella ate her lunch yesterday she developed a kind of Mystery Meat face. It was a cross between "Hey, what is this?" to "Hey, I know what this is." I knew what this portended. She had consumed large quantities of grapes lately without producing any byproduct. I had a feeling it was go-time.

We proceeded into the bathroom and in a matter of moment Stella had done both businesses on the toilet. Great!

I was very congratulatory, giving her fives and excited and what not, as was she. She kept squealing and covering her mouth with both hands as if in excited disbelief. She does this frequently now after seeing it somewhere and it is quite endearing.

After she was all put back together and freely roaming the house she continued to stop and squeal and cover her mouth and seek me out for more fives. Pretty fun stuff.

This morning I got her out of bed and asked her if she had to go potty. She went into the bathroom and was getting her seat all situated on the toilet. I let her go through the motions even though I could already smell that she had already attended to her needs in her diaper.

Later on, I sat with her for a bit during Sesame Street. Cookie Monster and Prairie Dawn were talking of the letter "E." CM was "imagining" that the letter was a cookie. As he is wont to do, he let his imagination take over and he promptly devoured the "E." Stella reacted with a loud gasp and a commiserating sound (I assume for PD's disappointment).

When we gather as a fam to watch America's Funniest Home Videos, Stella reacts to the action. Once, a baby was hurt and this brought on some sad tears. Usually she is shocked and surprised by all the mishaps. It's interesting to see that she understands not only that something has gone wrong but that it's terribly funny.