Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Sisters Can't Get Enough

Gianna is in her crib having some two-year-old quiet time. Alone time. Otherwise known as our time away from her and her fitful attempts at individuating and controlling her environment. She's been gone for two minutes when Stella sidles up next to me and asks, "Can I go talk to Gianna?"

"About what," I ask.

"About playing."

I don't know if I should've resisted, but I didn't.

Makes me wish I enjoyed my sister more when we lived under the same roof.


I'm writing this because I'm down two children. They're away with their grandma for Stella's birthday. My house is a mess, I'm still in my pajamas and Rowena slumbers on my lap. There are probably many things I should be doing, but I really wanted to remember that story. And these days my free time is slim to none what with law school and children kicking my butt.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I Know What "They" Say

I know I should correct my children in the affirmative (as in, "Walk, please" instead of "Don't run!"). I know it's supposed to be more encouraging and edifying and all that jazz, but I admit I frequently, well, don't. I do not.

I'm starting to think the suggestion of affirmative correction is more for my sake than for theirs. Otherwise it gets to be afternoon and I feel like all I've done is told people what NOT to do all day.

This brings me to another thing I think about. The boggling amount of things you must teach your children how (or how NOT!!!) to do.

For instance:

It's not just, "Sit down and eat your dinner." You can tell this to a room of twentysomethings and they know all that this directive entails.

"Sit down (in your, not your siblings) chair (as opposed to the nearby stool or piano bench) (sit on your bottom) (also sit still, don't rock back and forth, don't flail your arms, don't thrash your head) and eat (as opposed to: ram it with your fork, stir it wildly, flick it in the air, chew obscenely and then spit out) your dinner (don't ask for fruit snacks, cookies or juice). Thanks"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Quick Jot for the Annals

Gianna likes to sing, "If you're happy and you know it say, 'Rowena!'" She also like to sing it using any noun/person that's within eye shot.

Stella frequently comments on how much she "loves Gianna's little 'boice.'"

Gianna has taken to calling Rowena "Roweeny." Or, more specifically, "My Roweeny." Then she smothers Rowena with her girth.

We go one walks now that it's cooler. The girls love to call my attention to "Ant Cities!" Pretty fascinating stuff.

My grandma is in town and the girls got to meet her. Stella asks about Grandma Hubbell now.

Gianna and her cousin Isabella are great playmates. Gianna informed me this morning that, "Izzy is my friend, Mama."