Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nouns for Names

We got four baby chicks with four inspiring names. Get ready:

Flower, Princess, Fabric and Glasses

(There will be a quiz later.)

Stella chose the first two names while driving in the car. When asked by her father what she would be naming the remaining two she gazed up at his bespectacled face and said, "Hmmm, Glasses!" And gazing slightly beyond him while we were stading in the craft room she saw piles and piles of--you might have guessed--fabric! Lo, a name was given. Why didn't Jamie and I think of that?


Our curly-topped two-year old often wakes up with quite a mop on her head. Stella looked at her one afternoon and announced, "Your hair looks like a circus."

I love that. I love the way her little mind worked that one out.


Seems there was more, unfortunately it has been vaporzized.

The Milk Machine

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Not Fair!"

First of all, where do children learn this word/concept/retort?

Second of all, here's the twist on fair 'round these parts:

The other day I dropped a DVD on the ground while I was holding the baby and putting another DVD in the player. Both of the girls saw me drop it. I said, "Can you get that for me, please?"

Gianna jumped up and said, "I do, Mama."

Stella responds, "Hey, I didn't get to get that!"

I say, "Well, yeah, you just sat there. You didn't want to help me."

She says, "Well, next time it's my turn to help."

"That's fine. But we don't take turns helping. We just get up off our keisters and do it."

"Well that's not fair."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Seen and Heard

Reported from the front lines by Jamie:

On a walk in the mountains preserve Gianna asks one of her new question, "What's that 'mell?" In other words, "What's the smell?" It's usually accompanied by a charming little nose crinkle.

Jamie doesn't know so he asks her. She responds confidentally, "Animals."


Our apartment in Portland would get really warm in the afternoons. This would make Stella take three to four hour naps. Nice. One day, however, it was so warm she woke up and seemed to have a fever. She was very sluggish and I proclaimed her sick. She gave me her professional opinion regarding the origin of the illness, "Maybe it's from all that toothpaste I eat."



During some Saturday morning antics Gianna decides to pony up and try a new skill. She balances over a glass while standing on the couch and relieves her bladder. I walk in to the living room while she's in the midst of this act.

"What are you doing?!!"

She stops and scurries about. I run to catch the glass before it tips over and spills on the couch.

"Don't do that. That's naughty."

Yet I can barely keep in the laughter. Surprisingly, no pee got on the couch. That's something, right?

Jamie made me thrown the glass away. He said the knowledge of such an act would ruin the entire species of glasses unless he knew the offended cup was gone.


Say la Vee!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Things Unfold Around Here

Being infantile in siza can be dangerous in these parts. Being infantile in behavior, however, quite status quo. However, there is much absorbing of information that happens even when kids seem to be distracted by toys, snacks and their sister's loud yelling.

Rowena doesn't seem to get much time on the floor. At least not much time unobserved. One must be in the room while she's hanging out or she has a tendency to attract the sturdy body attached to Gianna's head. That body is a Rowena magnet. It especially likes Rowena's head and since Rowena is still of a very smotherable size one must be vigilant about her tummy time.

Today I put her down on the exercise mat and her sisters flocked to her sides like a well-paid entourage. They were kicking and manhandling all the toys. Of course, Rowena loves it--twice as much action as the girls could generate when they where wee ones.

As I'm sitting on the floor within hands reach of the babe Gianna stands up, swipes a pistachio and thrusts it into Rowena's mouth. Stella and I are both horrified and I remove it immediately.

"Gianna, don't ever put anything in Rowena's mouth."

She replies in her husky little voice, "K, Mama."

"Yeah, Gianna, don't do that," Stella bosses.

"K. My mouth?" she asks.

"Yes, you can put food in your mouth."

"Yeah, Gianna, Rowena eats milk."


Gianna's thinking.

"From Mom's boob?" she asks.

"Yes," Stella says.


Gianna swiftly orients her body over the baby and offers herself up, "My boob?"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things Seen and Heard

After Stella has mentioned all of her extended family members and friends in her prayers she mentions a few other things in need of prayer, "The banana slugs at Papa's house."


The girls have started to enjoy hosting tea parties. The parties at our house require all the guests to be nursing a "baby." I have Rowena and the girls have various dolls shoved up under their dresses. Then Stella begins to chat, "And my baby spit up and shwishy spa toosie blah di blah schwazy."

To which Gianna responds, "Yah, Yaya."


While in Washington this summer the girls discovered a hole in the ground. We told them an animal (probably a snake) lived there. It was great fun to hear Gianna say "animal hole." It ends up coming out like two complete sentences, "Amale. Ho." She uses her hands when talking about it. It looks something like this:

Summer 2009: Harstine Island

Summer 2009: Harstine Island

Monday, August 10, 2009

This Picture is a Good Depiction

of how excited the girls were to be back around all their stuff:

August 2009

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009

She Follows Directions

Portland 2009
Originally uploaded by alishialinn
While uploading photos from Portland I found this little gem. Gianna's tiny little shoes by the door. Because I said, "Gianna, take your shoes off, please, and put them by the door."

Such small acts of obedience just warm my heart. She is so cute and curly these days.