Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nouns for Names

We got four baby chicks with four inspiring names. Get ready:

Flower, Princess, Fabric and Glasses

(There will be a quiz later.)

Stella chose the first two names while driving in the car. When asked by her father what she would be naming the remaining two she gazed up at his bespectacled face and said, "Hmmm, Glasses!" And gazing slightly beyond him while we were stading in the craft room she saw piles and piles of--you might have guessed--fabric! Lo, a name was given. Why didn't Jamie and I think of that?


Our curly-topped two-year old often wakes up with quite a mop on her head. Stella looked at her one afternoon and announced, "Your hair looks like a circus."

I love that. I love the way her little mind worked that one out.


Seems there was more, unfortunately it has been vaporzized.

The Milk Machine

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Christa said...

Didn't MJ name 2 of his kids Prince and Blanket? So close to Princess and Fabric! Keep in mind Stella also named me Dotchie. She's creative that way.