Thursday, November 18, 2010

Q is For?

While looking at an alphabet book that she was reading, Stella said to her grandma, "I'm learning my letters! B! B is for apple!"

Awesome. We enjoyed a little laugh and thankfully she has a good sense of humor about it. Just a few minutes earlier she was pointing at the "Q" and asked, "What's this letter again?"

"It's the Q," I said, "And it makes a kwa sound."

She carries on making the sound of the "Q" and is looking at the page. The book says, "Q is for Quilt." Of course a quilt strongly resembles a blanket. Stella reads, "Q is for blanket."

"Actually, that's a quilt. Remember the Q makes a kwa sound?"

So Stella thinks for a moment and then says, "Q is for kwa-blanket."


While in the car the girls like to play "I spy." Tonight we were driving home in the dark and Gianna says, "I spy something black."

Stella says, "The sky?"

"Yes, Stella! How did you know?!"

Genius, I tell you.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

What Does Rowena Have to Say?

Emergent speech from the Nones:

When asked to thrown away John's diapers (which she is glad to do) or when she sees dog poop on a walk: "Eww! Yuck!"

Go into her room to retrieve her from her bed and say hello, she will say back: "Hi!"

Leaving, Noni will send you on your way with a cheery, "Die die!"

When she sees a dog or hears one bark she'll let you know by saying, "da da."

She does say Mama. Sometimes. Usually when sad and forlorn. Early in the morn. Like 5am.

Last but not least, the word the means all things: "Eh, baaa!" Usually accompanied with a finger pointing to said object.

On a hike with her dad and sisters--he likes to teach her tricks: