Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things Seen and Heard

After Stella has mentioned all of her extended family members and friends in her prayers she mentions a few other things in need of prayer, "The banana slugs at Papa's house."


The girls have started to enjoy hosting tea parties. The parties at our house require all the guests to be nursing a "baby." I have Rowena and the girls have various dolls shoved up under their dresses. Then Stella begins to chat, "And my baby spit up and shwishy spa toosie blah di blah schwazy."

To which Gianna responds, "Yah, Yaya."


While in Washington this summer the girls discovered a hole in the ground. We told them an animal (probably a snake) lived there. It was great fun to hear Gianna say "animal hole." It ends up coming out like two complete sentences, "Amale. Ho." She uses her hands when talking about it. It looks something like this:

Summer 2009: Harstine Island

Summer 2009: Harstine Island


Christa said...

"ammminal hoal" is how she said it if I remember correctly.

The Bentley's said...

Wow...Alisha. She is SO gorgeous! Both of your two older gals are! Hats off to you...I couldn't imagine having two other kids right now, with Judah. I guess it's all a process and when the time comes you are ready, but I am very impressed by you!