Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Things Unfold Around Here

Being infantile in siza can be dangerous in these parts. Being infantile in behavior, however, quite status quo. However, there is much absorbing of information that happens even when kids seem to be distracted by toys, snacks and their sister's loud yelling.

Rowena doesn't seem to get much time on the floor. At least not much time unobserved. One must be in the room while she's hanging out or she has a tendency to attract the sturdy body attached to Gianna's head. That body is a Rowena magnet. It especially likes Rowena's head and since Rowena is still of a very smotherable size one must be vigilant about her tummy time.

Today I put her down on the exercise mat and her sisters flocked to her sides like a well-paid entourage. They were kicking and manhandling all the toys. Of course, Rowena loves it--twice as much action as the girls could generate when they where wee ones.

As I'm sitting on the floor within hands reach of the babe Gianna stands up, swipes a pistachio and thrusts it into Rowena's mouth. Stella and I are both horrified and I remove it immediately.

"Gianna, don't ever put anything in Rowena's mouth."

She replies in her husky little voice, "K, Mama."

"Yeah, Gianna, don't do that," Stella bosses.

"K. My mouth?" she asks.

"Yes, you can put food in your mouth."

"Yeah, Gianna, Rowena eats milk."


Gianna's thinking.

"From Mom's boob?" she asks.

"Yes," Stella says.


Gianna swiftly orients her body over the baby and offers herself up, "My boob?"


lulliloo said...

i LOVE this story~ makes me want to drive over so i can watch first hand...soon my friend.

raya said...

hahahahaha...These three as teenagers is going to be so amazing. The stories will just get better & better.

Leila said...

Thank you for the laugh! This is great! It was so good seeing you and the girls the other day. Beautiful family!