Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Seen and Heard

Reported from the front lines by Jamie:

On a walk in the mountains preserve Gianna asks one of her new question, "What's that 'mell?" In other words, "What's the smell?" It's usually accompanied by a charming little nose crinkle.

Jamie doesn't know so he asks her. She responds confidentally, "Animals."


Our apartment in Portland would get really warm in the afternoons. This would make Stella take three to four hour naps. Nice. One day, however, it was so warm she woke up and seemed to have a fever. She was very sluggish and I proclaimed her sick. She gave me her professional opinion regarding the origin of the illness, "Maybe it's from all that toothpaste I eat."



During some Saturday morning antics Gianna decides to pony up and try a new skill. She balances over a glass while standing on the couch and relieves her bladder. I walk in to the living room while she's in the midst of this act.

"What are you doing?!!"

She stops and scurries about. I run to catch the glass before it tips over and spills on the couch.

"Don't do that. That's naughty."

Yet I can barely keep in the laughter. Surprisingly, no pee got on the couch. That's something, right?

Jamie made me thrown the glass away. He said the knowledge of such an act would ruin the entire species of glasses unless he knew the offended cup was gone.


Say la Vee!!!


faithsalutes said...

This is what I am talking about. It's like I am still there, but not really.

Toothpaste is still good.

Stacy Barrett said...

Pee in a cup? Ha ha ha. I am totally laughing out loud. ;-)