Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm All Agog!

Some of you have already been alerted to this strange resurfacing of events. But I felt it was my duty to alert the public:

Leggings are being sold at Nordstrom under the guise of being "sleek."

If you are over twenty your heart probably just skipped a beat in fear. You remember them the first time around--you even wore them!? Perhaps. But it's not over.

Color me frightened.


Katy "The Cuz" Hubbell said...

Oh for the love of everything that is sacred!! Make it stop! I know that fashion tends to be cyclical and trends resurface with small tweaks and so-called "upgrades". But seriously. I do not look forward to seeing ample buttocks squeezed into leggings... complete with ugly flats and some slightly oversized tunic that hits at the lower hip region, highlighting the girth of one's thighs. What's next, rolling our jeans again?
Oh, on a sidenote, your baby is quite cute. Are you sure she's yours?

Bucksprings said...

I went to Chico's today and tried on some "sleek" things. Gross, the store made no money on my thighs today. Thank God for a daughter who speaks the truth!