Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blogger King: Have It Your Way

Well, I guess I know what makes people happy:

It seems that I can say whatever I want as long as there are pictures of The Girl to distract my reader(s). Therefore, I love our president. I admire his unwavering persistence. Call me what you want. I am so glad that Al Gore didn't win in 2000. I am even more glad that John Kerry didn't win in 2004. I am glad that someone who shall remain nameless called and conferred with my husband and I about voting in 2004 and we were able to assure him we were voting for Bush and that he didn't have to change his mind even though his daughter was trying to change it up to the last second.

Well, I sat here for a moment and tried to decide if I had any other controversial beliefs. I think that all my beliefs are controversial, so I won't use my daughter as a pawn. I will continue by saying that she has recently begun consuming large amounts of banana, pears and apples. I am no longer her only food source. This is bittersweet.

And lastly, please look at how long and skinny her bitty legs look in the last photo. She's a little string bean! I've received forty-three emails* requesting more photos of Stella. I am Blogger King. I allow you to have it your way.

*Actual number may be smaller. Author tends to exaggerate.

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FA Cindy said...

Yea for new pictures. Can you say precious???