Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Husband Bribes Wife With Pot and Curtails Munchies With Sonic

While I Detest WalMart-and-All-It-Stands-For, after all that's a highly contagious and trendy belief disease these days, I have no shame in the fact that we flagrantly drive past two Home Depots and a former neighborhood hardware store to reach Lowe's. "Don't blame me, I'm merely a passenger," I sheepishly sheep.

We drove to Lowe's last night and burned precious fossil fuel all the way there, all the way to Sonic and all the way home. This was done in the name of buying large, decorative, glazed pots to house our burgeoning jasmine plants in the backyard.

The pots are a part of the pacification process that continues in our home while Jamie plugs away at the carport remodel that will EVENTUALLY house his 4,000 or so books. I can hardly wait. It's not that I hate books. But let me entreat you with a photo essay I will call "Corners of My Home." This is an homage to all the bloggers out there who share sweet, demurely decorated corners that inspire awe and envy. These pictures will inpire a different kind of awe and envy. Specifically, "Awe my god, I'm glad my husband doesn't have that many books." And the less common variety, "My husband's EnvyDVs don't take up as much room as them books do!"

Without further adieu I give you....

Corners of my home

If there's one thing that I can brag about, it is the size and breadth of Jamie's library. And until the carport is completely transformed, I will continue to capitalize on the opportunity to receive pots and plants. And Sonic tater tots.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha. This is rich!

Gurukarm Kaur said...

You need to introduce this man to - maybe he'll be inspired to part with a few of the ones he's never gonna read again, but someone else might! :-) At the very least, your local library's annual book sale collects books all year, right? Good luck! :-)