Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I've Hit a Slump

It's hard to get out of a blogging slump. I must admit, part of my problem is that Jamie keeps stealing all my pictures. And he's become a prolific blogger and it's stolen some of my blogging joie de vivre.

Anyhoodle, onward and upward. I usually have a running list of things to write about. I've been like this for years. I get most of my good ideas in the car. That's a bit annoying. It's hard to even jot down notes when you're driving. Lately, I've come up with some ideas:

Our NASCAR Fry's
A Tiny Log
A Buddy Log

Then--my slump. And two of those topics are basically the same. Not to mention not very content driven. Besides, I'm reading a good book right now. So it's hard not to read. But to satisfy people who come for pictures of Stella, here's one of my recent favorites--even though Jamie's already posted it on his site! I love the look on her face:

    Here's a list of things she's doing lately:
  • dragging her skinny little bod
  • eating Trader Joe's Ohs by picking them up with her own fingers
  • eating large amounts of bananas and pears
  • sitting up a little
  • rolling all over the place
  • grabbing things
  • smiling and giggling all the time
  • going to the doctor for her six month appointment where we were told that she's long and skinny which was "expected" according to the doc
  • stealing my heart

Gotta go, Jamie's prying eyes are looking at my screen!

1 comment:

Hansonius said...

Babe: Don't get despondent. You were my blog master. Without you, I would still be trying to figure out how to upload all of those pictures I've been stealing from you!