Thursday, May 25, 2006

I've Read Me Some Things

From an eBay auction:
"You will fall in love with this great set of numbers and letters as you play with your child."

You will buy my blocks. You will continue to outbid yourself in pursuit of my blocks. You will give me your PayPal account info.

Regarding failure:
"I felt very horrible when I failed math that year. I felt like a failure."

When I achieve I feel like an achiever.

The college aspirations start early:
"I had been accepted into the Arizona State University which is something I have dreamed about the moment my mom gave me breath."

How can you tell someone is Irish without hearing their accent? Read their writing:
"I have always had an amazing connection with me mother."

When things get tough remember:
"The best comes out when something is on the line."

Does this include sobriety tests?

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