Monday, May 22, 2006

Upon Returning From California: An Epistle

From: alishialinn
Subject: Rest ASSured
Date: May 22, 2006 8:23:25 MST
To: kellybrookeg

OK, first: my house was a PIT when I got home. And I was exhausted AND the dogs next door barked when I was taking a nap AND I had to drop Jamie off at church on my way home FROM THE AIRPORT and return to get him around 7:30 pm AFTER Stella had taken her bath and was home and back into her stuff and was in NO MOOD to be put in her car seat AGAIN! AND there was no food in the house to eat that wasn't rotten except yogurt. (Don't even get me started on the rotting food that Jamie doesn't seem to notice and therefore doesn't throw away!)
AND THEN (like all the capitals? they're for EMPHASIS!!!!!!!)...
AND THEN I had to get up to take the car to the shop this AM at 6:30 AND THEN the termite guy shows up to treat some termites that we have (they make lovely pets--very low matenance! ok, i'm so tired i cannot spell that word and usually--i can!) AND THE TREATMENT PROCESS? IT IS LOUD. Stella lurves it.
And then, this week on Wed and Fri we're having acoustic garbage removed from some of our ceiling which involves more loud work and plastic and equipment and men and inconvenience and WHAT WAS I THINKING????
And I really have to poop but don't want to while the termite guy is here because what if he needs me to sign something. And my gosh, the cramping from the coffee and the poop!
And did I mention his loud work made a SHELF FALL OFF THE WALL IN THE NEXT ROOM???
And my wisteria tree is getting yellowish leaves and Jamie forgot to water my plants out front and my houseplants but thankfully they bounced back!
I think I'll blog thsi.

But besides that it is overcast today--which I loves here in Phoenix.

P.S. The termites ate the baseboard in Stella's room. This requires that ALL baseboards in the house be fashionably updated replaced.

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Anonymous said...

you need a vacation