Sunday, June 18, 2006

Get in Line!

People far and wide have been writing to me. Here are some quotes from their concerned and eager emails:

"Hey, I want to see the baby!"

"More pictures of Stella, please."

"When will you give us what we want?"

I relent.

Here are some glimpses into Stella's new summer "schedule."

Memorial Day weekend we made a trip to Nate and Stasia's house (aka Uncle and Aunt). Stella "swam" and enjoyed the splashing of one very zealous young swimmer named Michael. He was trained at the world renowned Encanto Park Pool home of the $6 for two weeks swim lessons. Crazy!

OK, who am I kidding? I cannot keep up with Jamie's chronicling, so let's take a walk down memory lane. As Stella recently turned six months (she's almost seven months, once again, who am I kidding?) and weighs 16.2 pounds and is 27.5 inches long (around the size of Jared Barrett at four months!) let's remind ourselves how far she's come.

Ha ha ha. Pass the cream and sugar, get a cookie and have a little sit down.

Remember how beautiful she was when she was born? Of course not. Let me remind you:

Ahh, how placid and restful were the salad days of late 2005.

Here's Grandma Keek staring at me in disbelief. What did I just reveal?Me: "Kathy, I hope Stella does not inherit your lack-of-butt, your concave butt, your butt deficit."
Kathy: " "

I harken back to April 2006. We were wrapping up Auntie CJ's Longest Visit to Arizona Since High School. I decided to celebrate by not zipping my fly. Stella decided to Technicolor Yawn.

Really, this is just a blogging chug to try and get me back in action.

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