Sunday, June 25, 2006


Let's get a few things straight. Stella has no time for dillydallying. A quick cup o' joe in the AM and she's out the door to the office.

The dress code is business casual. This allows for full range of motion. Let's check on her typing posture:

Well, there's room for improvement--a girl's gotta have something to work on.

Moving on. It's time for a stop by the water cooler; catch up on some gossip, crack a few jokes, share some smiles, build goodwill with her employees, natch.

In the middle of a long day, she takes time for a power lunch, no time for jarred food--she wants carrots and 'tates straight up with butter.

Stella indulges her European soul. She's an "afternoon beer and siesta" kind of gal. But as soon as the REM is over, she wants to jet.

This is who she is. This is how she got that way.

Please, no autographs. We'll let you know when she goes public--as in NYSE, as in bright lights, big city. We'll sign you up for text message updates, we'll instant message you, we'll put you on myspace, we'll give you a subscription. Right now, she' got to go network. Because if there's one thing she's learned, it's not what you know--it's who you know.


Anonymous said...

Love Stella's cool cat hairdo!

Anonymous said...

cute teaset!