Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bloggability: 100%

I am sitting in my kitchen. I have a vantage point into my living room where I can see my love seat drenched with water, covered in insulation and cruched beneath sheet rock. Yes, People, I have long disrespected the monsoons, almost taunting them with my doubt of their power. They have repaid my derision with concise action. Specifically, they have rained my roof down upon my living room thereby ruining my beautiful paint job but enabling me to get new furniture and rip out the carpet that I didn't want. Yes, They have caused the timeline for a new look in the living room to be sped up. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You in advance for my new couch and my stained concrete floors.

When Stella and I walked into the living room this morning she looked at the wreckage and then looked at me something like this:

I kid you not. It was so funny to me because SHE KNEW something was not right. I'm sure she knew. That look on her face I will never forget.

Now, tell me whose couch isn't a little cozier with some roofing insulation piled on top?

I'll tell you whose. Mine, that's whose. Mine and anybody's that has a HUGE GAPING HOLE RIGHT ABOVE TO LET RAIN FALL DOWN UPON MY GUESTS' HEADS.

Here's the sunroof Jamie's always 'pined' for. Get it? Pined? Exposed wood?

And last but not least, this is what my house looks like tonight while I sit here watching The Colbert Report. I tell you what. I might get cable just for Mr. Colbert.

I'm just thankful that no one was hurt and I can sit here and celebrate the "kick assedness" of the United States with Mr. Colbert. I'm also thankful Stella still made it to her gym class with GoGo because that means she got good n' worn out. She also got her hair pulled.


mom said...

you deserve it! you have had a hard summer so far and besides Stella needs somethimg new to crawl on

Hansonius said...

I'm glad that blogging provides you with a cathartic release when calamity strikes.

What's a couch when little Stella could have been sucked up by a summer storm?

Bethiclaus said...

A year ago, I would have said, "There is no way I'm getting cable just for some stupid faux news show." Now, I would chew someone's arm off if they tried to take away the Report.