Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Primus Zoous

That's layman's Latin for first zoo. We went to the zoo yesterday courtesy of AAA and Grandpa Jerry. We arrived as early as we could to try to avoid the heat. Regardless, it was hot around nine and we'd only been there just over an hour. I could not take any more! There's a cool spider monkey exhibit where you get to walk in amongst the monkeys. They are literally inches in front of you. It's so funny to see these little tiny monkey faces. I loved it because I've always wanted to have a pet monkey. Then I remembered that Jamie's godfather, John McCarthy, had a monkey. If only I'd known him then...

Anyway, we got up close and personal with a peacock that was showing off for his woman. I was amazed, but Stella was more amazed with the other children that were there. That is why her head is craning in the opposite direction of the beautiful feather display.

And here are the two of them at the Phoenix Zoo Star Wars Memorial entry railing. If you live in Phoenix, or grew up in Phoenix, then you should know what I'm talking about.

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Hansonius said...

What a cute daughter I have!