Thursday, August 24, 2006

If You Live in Phoenix

If you live in Phoenix and ever drive around let's have a little pow-wow about annoying traffic habits. Or, more specifically, places around town that are cause for situational ignorance.

Example A:
Shea Blvd and the 51 (aka Piestewa Freeway)

Have you ever driven West on Shea and approached the intersection with the 51 where one would normally prepare to get on that freeway headed South? Have you ever noticed that there are THREE entry lanes for this process? Have you ever purposely taken the far right lane when the other two are back up half a block? Have you ever been the only person doing so? Don't you feel slightly triumphant yet simultaneously slightly annoyed? Ignoring an entire lane that could facilitate the move of traffic onto the freeway is the kind of assanine behavior that increases traffic.

Next time on "If You Live in Phoenix":
the roundabout at Central and Mountain View.
Don't get me started.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The roundabout on Central and Mountainview is embarrassing. For a brief moment some developer thought he was in Europe and not in Sunnyslope. Could that circle be any smaller?