Friday, August 11, 2006

Stella Has a Full Day and You Get a Full Post

We went to Uncle Nate's house today for a little swim action. And how.

Stella: "I am the pole. Be one with the pole."
Alishia: "Just do it!"

Whenever we first arrive at Nate's house his dog Buster has a crystal meth moment where he cannot keep his cool. He barks like a coon dog and runs around the living room thinking that I've brought him a large chew toy. He takes some time to settle and then he gets right down to business. That business being Examining the Diaper Bag for Olfactory Cues of Buddy and Tiny. He follows this up with the Manual Investigation of Stella's Face With His Tongue. Meanwhile, Mercedes curls up on the floor to Lick the Carpet and Maintain Her Cool.

We proceed to the pool where Stella shows off her trendy babysuit. This year blue polka dots and ducks are what the cool kids wear.

Stella went under many times on purpose and once on accident. We were swarmed by the dogs who wanted ever-so-much to come in the pool. Nate wouldn't allow it. I'm guessing it's because once they're in, they insinuate their dog desires upon you. If they could speak they would say, "Throwmytoy!Throwmytoy!Throwmytoy!Throwmytoy!"

"Yeah, um, totally not impressed with the bubbler."

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