Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hardly Deprived

Some people think it's odd that we don't have a TV. Some people think that Stella is deprived. The funny thing is that I haven't really noticed not having a TV for some time. I forget it is an option. That's not to say that I don't enjoy TV. I love The Food Network and I relish Law and Order marathons, but overall there's not a whole lot on the tube. This summer we spent a lot of time at Kathy's house. While we were there the TV was on. I watched Oprah regularly. It's true. And Stella tried out television, but as with most toys she receives these days, she's always more interested in some other aspect of the toy. As you can see she's fascinated with the buttons while the large screen looms overhead.

Nowadays she spends time pushing an Otter Pop box around our newly finished living room. Her grandma bought her a little car thing that you can push around and learn to walk with, but she prefers her box. Such is life.

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