Friday, October 20, 2006

Roasted Chicken: Finger Lickin' Good

If there's one thing everyone can agree upon it must be that good food is good fun to eat. Yes? I know we might not all agree on what good food is, however. Around here we like to eat meat in its many varied forms. The one recipe of Julia Child's that I have made a couple times is her raosted chicken. It's great because you take fresh, basic elements and turn them into a feast. This is basically a whole chicken, butter, carrots, onions, more butter and various other littler things, i.e. salt and pepper. Very tasty. The only thing is that you must baste it every ten minutes. This is a chore in the hot summer months, but this time of the year it's a lovely activity.

Here we have your basic chicken not yet tortured in the oven.

A few ingredients getting ready...

Lastly, the chicken on the way to being finished. Notice it's browning nicely.

Unfortunately, we were ravished when this was done and I wasn't allowed the time for a photo. We had to eat.

Earlier this week I made another tasty dish with, yet again, the most basic ingredients:
4 chicken breats
2 sticks o' butter
3 carrots
2 yellow onions
4 celery stalks
6 apples
2 sprigs of tarragon
handful of bread crumbs
salt and pepper

We cooked it over indirect heat on the grill for about an hour and MAN ALIVE was it good! I love cooking with root vegetables and it has inspired me to get my garden growing so I can have some straight from our good earth next fall.

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