Monday, November 20, 2006

Where Are All the Adoring Fans?

Sometimes it's too easy for me to write about "Stella." I say it like that because sometimes I think of her as a character in my life. That may sound odd but I just had to mentally edit what I was going to write once I looked at a sweet picture of my daughter and realized, "Wait, she's a small, little, defenseless person. She cannot read what I'm saying or understand it. She has no opinion about it now, but she does have her very own personhood and her own soul." I need to remember such things when I am recounting the details of her life. She is not a character in my life, she is a person in it. And because I write here to supplement the record of her early life, I want to record things she'll want to know about and be able to read with pride.

That being said, she had her first birthday party last Saturday. It was a milestone in her life as well as ours (her Mom and Dad). It's funny to think that I've lived to see the first birthday of my first child. It's crazy how time flies.

Stella is a sweet little booger who's still a little clumsy. When I look at these pictures they make me want to cry when I think about her little body falling down and getting injured throughout her day. (That's a very odd, non-sequitir thing to put there, but it's just what I think when I look at her.)

I am so happy that she's here and that she's developing into a little person. She definitely has opinions she just can't articulate them yet. But she's done a great job of breaking us into parenthood.

Birthday crown idea from this crafty mama.


Kurt said...

Happy birthday, Stellar star!

Christa said...

I love little Stell's eyes.