Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Call This One "Shiny Lips"

"We would like to thank the Academy for the Most Precious and Definitely Not Overrated Digital Camera Movie Award. We're flattered, of course, but we also understand the power of a cute child consuming man-sized portions of meat. And of course the jibberish and the answering of questions like she really knows what I'm asking. But most of all, the Shiny Lips, we understand their power."


faith said...

This award was well deserved. I happy the academy finally noticed the little guy...the family making real movies about real life and um, like real people. You know what I am sayin'? Are you pickin' up what I am throwin' down?

Favorite Aunt Cindy said...

This calls for a Don & Charlies outing soon!!

Anonymous said...

My mom just sent me this video, I can't believe how big Stella has gotten! She is so cute and I love your blogs, so funny! Hope all is well in The Hanson household!

-Ashley McCarthy