Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Not Quite a Month

Life is busy mostly because Stella is busy.

She still jabbers instead of really speaks, but come one, she's only one. She did identify Cookie Monster on her diaper the other day. This was a completely unsolicited designation. She picked it up and pointed and said, "kiki." This is what she says when she means cookie. I thought it interesting and sweet. Especially because whenever Cookie Monster shows up on Sesame Street she greets him with a large howl of laughter. Like she knows this thing is going to be a "totally wild and crazy guy."

Even thought she can't articulate things yet, she does understand a lot of English. She knows where to go sit when I tell her to get in her chair. And just today she threw something in the garbage for me while I sat on my butt. This is going to work out great!

We've started some swimming lessons and Stella howls for different reasons from 11:30-12:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays. She does not like being forced to swim under water and splash about. Really. Regardless, she's getting better. And since she is growing up in the hot hot desert, she must learn to swim otherwise, how will she entertain herself?

Which reminds me of my childhood. We spent days in our bathing suits, throwing pennies on the bottom of the pool to retrieve them and throw them back again. We had diving competitions, tea parties, water ballet, mermaid stories, inflatable toy fights, it was all a part of surviving the summer heat. And the legacy goes on.

For a fun picture, go here: Hansoniana.

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