Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dreamboat Dress Shipwreck Hair

While Stella has some cute clothes and a cute face, she knows not how to be patient with a hair brush. She does not want one near her head for an extended amount of time. And by extended I mean not at all.
For this reason Stella will not be a girl that has long hair until she reaches the Age of Reason. Wherein she masters the ability to wield a hairbrush to tame her mane--including the part underneath the top layer. I know all too well the consequences of poor hair management. When I was about ten my mother realized that I had somewhat of a rat's nest residing at the nape of my neck because I only ever brushed the top of my hair. I was given some choices:

a) Let my mom brush it out
b) Brush it myself and maintain outstanding tresses
c) Cut it off

I chose the second option.

I retain the vivid memory of an afternoon spent with The Knot--my head flipped over while I relentlessly stroked my hair to avoid having a bob at the age of ten. I did succeed but not without much wailing and bemoaning my plight.

So it makes sense that this is my child:


jmgb said...

Who could be bothered with vanity when there is a stroller with Mr. Potato Head to be pushed around?

Seriously, I think the kid has her priorities straight.

KT said...

What sweet kids you have. The hair trauma sure brings back memories of my kids at that age. I was sure one of them would be a biker-chick when she grew up, but thankfully I was wrong.