Thursday, July 26, 2007

Multi Task Master*

me: ok, i just changed a diaper WHILE breastfeeding
christa: haha
me: beat that
christa: that's hilariuls
me: not so much hilarious as very demanding and awesome
christa: that's amazing
me: and then i put stella in her bed to sleep
christa: multi tasking on a new level
me: and she didn't cry
christa: while breasfeeding?!
that's amazing
me: yes,
i'm waiting for my review so i can get a raise

(I also just updated my blog while IMing.)

*Good puzzle for final round in Wheel of Fortune.

1 comment:

faithsalutes said...

I am not sure if this counts...but I have bottle fed a baby using my chin, while cooking on a hot stove, and supervising two out of control children aged 3 and 4.

Sounds like child abuse.
You win.