Thursday, November 01, 2007

Speaking of Little Sisters

Mine lives in town now--for a while. Long story.

But here's a fun little glimpse into her life--and logic. While she's here she's living at our dad's house. For all you non-Phoenix folk, he lives in Fountain Hills. This is a beautiful suburb but a long haul--about forty-five minutes from my house. About thirty from her work and thirty from where she works out, etc.

One day she stopped by my house in between errands and working out. She had bought chicken to make my dad for dinner. She wanted to work out first. Here's the conversation in the car on the way back to my house from the grocery store:

Cast of Characters:
Alishia (32 year old female, wife, mother-of-two, clad in frumpy clothing that she wore throughout her pregnancy but only recently noticed was xhilaration SLEEPWEAR!)
Christa (28 year old female, sister-of-one, wearing nice, chic workout clothes)
Stella (almost 2 year old, eldest child, I guess it's worth mentioning she's wearing Circo--represent)
Gianna (four sweet months, wearing a Onesie)

Alishia: -----
Christa: How long do you think the chicken will be ok in the car?
Alishia: Why?
Christa: I want to go workout before I go home.
Alishia: Let me remind you it's still hot here, don't leave your chicken in the car.
Christa: It's only for a little while. I'll just do cardio.
Alishia: OK, so you'll put the chicken in your car, drive from my house to 24 hour fitness, twenty minutes, workout, another thirthy minutes and then drive back to Dad's, another forty minutes. And you want to leave the chicken in the car that whole time?
Christa: ----
Gianna: wah, wah wah wha, eh eh eh
Stella: jibberty . blabbity, goigiggiy, thithistliy, mommy, daddy, baby, mommy, daddy, baby, mommy, daddy, baby, mommy, daddy, baby (ad nauseum).
Christa: I'll put it next to the frozen corn. It will be fine.
Alishia: Ahh, yes, a package of frozen corn, individually frozen pieces of corn, mind you, that take no time to thaw out, will keep your chicken above that danger zone temperature in your car at the tail end of an Arizona summer. Remind me never to eat your food again.

She continued to insist that All Would Be Well. I did not inquire after the meal or whether or not this sequence of events actually occurred.

I'm only saying this for Dad: Beware!

Don't worry, Gigi, you're still safe as long as you're breastfeeding!


faithsalutes said...

wow. make sure she doesn't leave her kids in there.

Anonymous said...

... What's scary is that that sounds like the sort of thing I would do.

Christa said...

What Alishia doesn't know is that I stole a bunch of frozen ice packs from her freezer, surrounded the chicken with them, managed to get in a work out, and cook a safe and healthy meal!