Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Worth Mentioning

This weekend we traveled North. There are parts of Arizona that get rather cold in the winter. We went there so we could use the sweatshirts and jeans that we own--to be good stewards of the fabrics entrusted to our care.

While traveling through one of the many interesting towns we saw this sight:

We realized how urban we are when we didn't think that those could possibly be real cows. It had to be a modern art installation on that hillside.

I learned that if your husband drops his favorite eyeglass cleaning cloth/chamois in the Safeway parking lot, you can bet that the Marine veteran with eagle eyes will find it. Does that sentence make any sense? (When in Globe one must give a shout out to Sandy!)

We learned that Stella reads labels before drinking her beers:

This one, apparently, is up to snuff.

And we learned that Gianna gets cuter by the day. Especially when wearing the cool hat that Auntie CJ made for me a few years ago. Swanky!

When we returned we learned that Gianna is acquiring a sense of humor. And she gets a kick out of Buddy and Tiny.

We learned that Stella gained a paltry seven pounds in the last year. She's three feet tall and twenty-seven pounds. That's why she reads beer labels. She has to be aware of the alcohol content and pace herself accordingly.

Last but not least, I learned that when I throw toothbrushes in the garbage I should bury them lest Stella decide she does actually enjoy the practice of oral hygiene. This morning I had to lock her in the bathroom with me while I took a shower. The girl gets lock jaw when you try to brush her teeth. However, I heard the sink going on and off and I peeked around the shower curtain to see what was up and caught a glimpse of her wielding that discarded tool like a pro. At least she was thorough.

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jmgb said...

beer and polka dots...stella is my girl after my own heart:)
can she come out and play this weekend?