Thursday, April 03, 2008

Totally Pleased With Herself

Totally Pleased With Herself
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The girls love to play with their empty diaper boxes. Stella makes cars, towers, baby beds, hiding places for her people, general merriment is had by all. This morning while Gianna was playing with hers and I stepped into the adjacent bathroom to brush my teeth, etc, she pulled herself up to stand.

I was so overcome with excitement for her that I started to loudly praise her. This pleased her enough to try again so I could capture it on film. Isn't that face just the SWEETEST thing?

Yes, sweeter than the faces of all your children.


Tara T. McIlrath said...

Yeah Congrats baby GiGi! Way to go! and yes, her face is Super Sweet! Way to capture it and thanks for sharing it with us!

jmgb said...

i want one. a gigi that is:)