Friday, February 13, 2009

My Friday the 13th Nightmare

My house is messy.

January 2009

And my living room always looks like this:

January 2009

And though I don't let it bother me on a regular basis and I know that people in this house are well-fed, rested, generally happy and usually kind, this constant mess gets to me. Maybe not the mess so much as the fact that there's ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE CLEANED, SORTED, PICKED UP or THROWN OUT.

Everyone has suggestions. "Teach your children to put their toys away." They know how, but it's never the first thing on their mind. Even when they do the cleaning it's only because I'm sitting on the couch telling them exactly what to do.


Katherine Wakefield said...

i feel you. sometimes i just get so pissed at the mess, but I am too tired to fix it and even if I do clean it up it won't last.

Anonymous said...

Temporary. It will pass. FAC

Joe Giles said...

I will now haunt this blog. Hah.