Thursday, May 28, 2009

Disguise Your Snacks and Other Desirables

When consuming food in front of cognisant children it is always a good idea to know what their likes and dislikes are so you can prepare your food accordingly.

Accordingly opposite.

My children like cream cheese. So when I want to eat a bagel in their presence I prepare mine sans cream cheese and only butter. I like cream cheese, too. But I also like bagels with only butter. I also enjoy eating my entire meal and not having to supplement it throughout the day to make up for the large portions that my children have mooched off of me.

Yes, I could say, "No, this is mine." And, yes, I frequently do. But in the words of a friend of mine, sometimes it's easier to just let them have a sniggle.

You try being consistent all day, every day. You may start out with the best intentions but little kids have the gift of equal and unrelenting consistency in terms of: nagging, crying, begging, and being hungry whenever you are eating. Choose your battles.

Other substitutions that seem to work (for now):

serving yourself a much-deserved middle-of-the-day bowl of ice cream in a coffee mug
having some pasta smothered in red sauce
eating carrots without hummus (because for some reason that stuff is a big hit with the littles)
cutting up your apple before you eat it (mine prefer them whole)

This is the advantage of not being a picky eater. You can choose your snack and enjoy it in whatever way it must be prepared.

One of many tactics employed throughout my day to outsmart The Others.


Anonymous said...

I have taken to calling all things spicy, as my children cower at the thought!

P.S. This is Christa's friend Amy from AZ days and days ago. She turned me onto your blog and I've be "stalking" it ever since. If you want to hear my ramblings, check out theanswertowhy,

Christa said...

sometimes i have to do this with my co-workers, so i know how you feel.