Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rowena's First Week

We're all very excited about the arrival of the latest Hanson. Stella says she looks like a bug when she sleeps.

Rowena's first week

We all show our excitement in different ways. Some of us are givers:

Little Gianna

To Rowena From Gianna

Some of us are squeezers:

Documenting it while it lasts

But we're always wanting to know what she's up to. You know her as Rowena, around here she's "the new baby."

Double Trouble


raya said...

cuteness. this post has given me an uncontrollable urge to make something for your girls. as if I have time for making these days, but maybe I will stay up until 3am to make it happen - I have so much girly fabric that isn't getting any love around here.

Stacy Barrett said...

I love that new baby! She is so precious ... and she does kind of look like a bug when she sleeps in that little outfit - like a little ladybug.

Will was a tummy sleeper, too. I loved his little baby bottom in the air. He still sleeps like that with his blankie. So cute.

Love those girls. Can't wait to meet little Rowena.


allison said...


Katherine said...

you make cute girlies.

Aimee said...

They are all gorgeous. Can't wait to meet them! What do you think of having three kids?

Whiskey said...