Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stella's Song

Stella loves to watch TV when she's allowed. However, what Stella is really good at is:


Stella loves to get her little people and animals all arranged in a particular way and have them converse with each other. It's so fun to sit in the same room and listen to the dialogue. But it's especially fun when she sings her song. It's got one line and a little tune. I want to try to get it on tape someday because it cracks me up. Want to know that one line?

"When you do this all day."

Over and over again.

"When you do this all day."

That's her song.

"When you do this all day."

And when you ask her about it and what it means she gets really bashful.

(Gianna just rolled out of bed and asked me, "Where's Yaya*? Where's Noni?" First thing she wants to know about is those sisters.)


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~beautyandjoy~ said...

Luke used to call Kez YaYa. I loved it. And I love pretend. So much so I would love to play it myself most days. :)