Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Day Two Tizzy

Here are some other things about new city experiences:

At night Stella tells me, "I can't wait to go back to Phoenix." She doesn't say it in a sad, longing way, just matter-of-fact.

I can't wait to get back to all my pillows in Phoenix. How many pillows do you have on your bed? Do you take them for granted? Think about those sweet pillows right now. Give them a hug next time you see them. We have four paltry pillows here and four heads. Jamie and I have already tried to swindle our children out of their pillows. They're not buying it. We are on the lookout for pillow substitutes. It makes you look at all the soft things in your environment diferently. "Would that stack of towels make a good pillow if I stuffed them in a pillow case? What about that stack of t-shirts...?"

We need the pillows so we can get good rest because we walk all day. We've had to significantly increase our calorie intake. We walk all the time and are, therefore, ravenous. I am a breastfeeding mother of three who walks, pushes a stroller and carries a wee babe strapped to my chest--I cannot get enough to eat. Come and take me out to dinner. Actually, scratch that. Come and cook me a tasty meal. Unless you've had a prior good experience at a restaurant, I'm not into wasting calories on slop.

We at a the worst restaurant the other night because we didn't have our act together yet. Tonight we ate it and I praised the kitchen St. Pasqual because it was tasty. It was not, as Jamie described our Asian dumpling meal, "doughy and sweet." Doughy and sweet does not tide one over for intense walking.

We went to the Farmer's Market that's about two minutes from our building. It was awesome. It make this whole trip worthwhile. There's another one on Saturday. Every Saturday and Wednesday will find us eating strawberries at the Farmer's Market.

I would like to post some photos, but by the time I get everyone to bed I can barely make myself record these thoughts.

For example, I just remebered that I wanted to note the new-city blues that I go through whenever I go on vacation. No matter how much I look forward to things I spend the first few days adjusting and getting over enormous fears and anxieties about EVERYTHING. You name it and I've feared it the last few days. I don't realize what a creature of habit I am until I'm thrown into an adjustment like this. It's good for me though, because just when I'm feeling most out of sorts and I want to call someone and feel sorry for myself, I remember to pray. "Pray to Jesus," says a voice in my head. It'a a good reminder that He is there to receive all those anxieties. Today was a beautiful day and I was contemplating my own mortality.

I'm such a downer that way.


~beautyandjoy~ said... your thoughts. beautiful and poignant.

raya said...

Forest and I have resorted to bringing our pillows on every trip because sleeping without them is so miserable. I somehow stuff it into my suitcase. Then we left them in Palm Springs & the night has never been the same. Oh, pillows. Glad you're having fun in Portland though - six weeks! Sounds so luxurious *wink wink*

faithsalutes said...

i am about to leave my house and grabbing pillows on my way out.

fourth of july not in phoenix sounds bomb.


Christa said...

after having discussed the pillow saga with you recently, i give mine extra hugs of appreciation at night.

PS i type this from my bed, propped up by two, resting my laptop on one and feet settled on another pillow. forget "got milk?" i'm all about the "got pillows?"