Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I've spent most of my summer out of Phoenix, so I have no right to snivel now that I'm back. I'm not sniveling, just realizing a weird mental tick I have about the heat.

When I am surrounded by civilization and unknown number of options for survival, I will be suddenly overcome by dread. Dread of the thought of being lost or suddenly car-jacked and all my stuff stolen and left. Left for dead in a Target parking lot.

This was the thought I had today while putting stuff in the car. I thought, "How long could I survive out here baking in the heat? It sure would be a desperate, depressing way to go." Knowing that I could simply walk into the store and obtain help is the ironic part of this thought being able to seize me so habitually.

It distracts me so much that I leave a newly purchased $20 bottle of Tide under my cart and drive away.

Stupid hot heat, robbing me blind.


~beautyandjoy~ said...

So funny - I had a lot of similar thoughts when we were there. I.e. what would happen if all the water supply went out? Electricity? So my stress at least was on a city-wide scale. :) ha

Is it a mom thing?

Eve said...

go back to the store and tell them you left your bottle on the cart. they should give you a free one if you present your receipt.

Alishia said...

They won't. Once I have removed it from their store (which they can verify with security cameras) they are under no legal obligation to replace it. I know this because I already checked. Dang.