Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Second Post in One Month!

Dare I say that the heat is dwindling. I'm not naive, I know it will not be middle-of-the-day park weather for a while, but regardless, the mornings are a skosh cooler. This provides some relief from the indoor life. This morning we were out front for about thirty minutes. It was lovely.
This is the time of the year that I give up on my boundaries for TV watching for the girls. They watch a lot of TV in the summer. I've reconciled myself to this reality. Someday they will know how to read and I will expect more of that activity. For now it's lots of Arthur and Winnie the Pooh and this little odd video that they LOVE called Peep Finds! They talk about it all the time. Apparently there's a bird in there who tries to hatch a rock. They find this hilarious. And when they are building nests on the couch and playing house in little nooks and crannies they tell each other that they are hatching eggs.
Little Rowena gets a little forlorn (translation: screamy) when she tries to open the front door to escape outdoors and it is locked. This is not the most endearing indoor behavior. I know that ten years from now I will look back on these days fondly and probably forget that there was ever so much screaming in my life. But right now, the screaming? It is unforgettable. I keep telling myself that Master Hanson will not be a screamer because he's a boy. Am I right? He'll just dismantle my electronics and break his own bones frequently or something like that.
For now our indoor play looks something like this:

1. Summer 2010, 2. Summer 2010, 3. Summer 2010, 4. Summer 2010

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