Monday, July 18, 2011

Lots of swimming lately. The big decisions are: diaper or no diaper?

John LOVES to be in the water. He tries to bolt over the side of his little flotation device. His sisters pull on it and push him around the pool. I try to keep him alive.

We had popsicles after lunch (Rowena calls them pock-e-pull!!). Being the resourceful third child that she is, Rowena headed to the bathroom to clean herself up. All was quiet except for the pleasant sound of running water. It kept running and running but I was so enjoying the quiet. Finally we wonder, "What's taking her so long?" Jamie shouts, "OK, Rowena, that's enough." No answer. Upon inspection this is what we find:

Our sink runneth over with Rowena. Aren't we lucky?

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The Barrett Family said...

Awww Nonie!!! Love that girl! :-)