Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Her Ways

Rowena favors the "h" sound these days. For example:

She really likes to eat "hoop," which is a warm broth that usually has vegetables and/or meat.

She asks for "How-wah" for breakfast. This is grain that is a complete protein and starts with the letter "Q."

She's a little too happy to tell you when she's gassy--"I hartin'!"

She calls my friend Cindy "Honey."

I'm so used to deciphering sentences that lack articles and sensical nouns, etc, that when she talks to me in a complete sentence these days, which is (sadly) more and more frequently, I don't understand her. It requires an opposite paradigm shift.

It's also important for me to communicate what a great little worker she is. She loves to help with chores. She folds clothes with abandon I tell you. Quite indiscriminately picking up the dirty with the clean and folding them into tiny squares and putting them in piles. This is why you might open up John's shirt drawer someday and find a bunch of kitchen towels.

Sweetest thing ever.

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