Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Afternoon Doldrums

After lots of maritime descriptions, Wikipedia points this out about the doldrums:

The word is derived from dold (an archaic term meaning "stupid") and -rum(s), a noun suffix found in such words as "tantrum".

So, a stupid tantrum. I'm familiar. I want to throw a stupid tantrum just about every afternoon. What is it about 3:30-whenever Jamie gets home? Everybody needs something. Baby needs to be held and usually so does the toddler. Especially when she's feeling under the weather, like today. Though at the moment she's taken advantage of her siblings' TV staring to ransack their Legos that they left on the floor--per their usual behavior. They will likely become indignantly annoyed at her later.

I could go interrupt her, she will certainly throw a tantrum. I could go interrupt them, they would also throw a tantrum. I will just let it be. They will have to clean up later.

If I look directly to my right this is what I see:

Not bad.

It's definitely nice out. We just returned from the park. Gianna stubbed her toe--just about split it in half. John was listless and weepy because he's feeling under the weather. We met up with my mother who was having a hard time hearing anything we said. So, it was a frustrating little outing. Delphina enjoyed it, though, as there were many dogs out there enjoying their MLK Jr. Day.

On Good Friday Jesus died at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I find this makes sense. When I think about it in terms of what I'd like to throw a stupid tantrum about it's very sobering. I can manage the same old stuff. It all changes quickly. Babies are different from month to month and big kids' temperaments are changing, too. If I can stay focused on doing all the small stuff with love I will emerge on the other side of six o'clock with more love for everyone, myself included.

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Anonymous said...

A daily death to my self. Yes. This explains (and helps) so much!