Thursday, March 30, 2006

The 411

Working hard or hardly working? You tell me.

People ask me many questions to which I answer, "It varies. Not really; but I used too. Very strict one, actually; actually, no, I'm lying. They're deeper than most shallow people are willing to go. In my newly organized hall closet."*

Here's a glimpse of the day:
5:30-6:00 Jamie arises from deep, restorative slumber to take on his day. He grinds some coffee. This usually stirs me to the core.
6:00-6:30 Stella awakes and wants a tasty treat. Since I'm such a talented housewife, I need not arise from bed to meet her needs. I merely roll over.
6:30-7:00 Who knows what happens in the hinterlands of my dreams.
7:00 Rise and Shine. Pilates with Amy Brown! In my very own living room. Stella: exersaucer!
20 minutes later (because that's all it takes, people!) Stella's wanting some more sustenance. Get myself some coffee and feed her some more.

OK, I'm tired of typing times.

It depends on the day as to what makes up our core activities. Sometimes we bake, sometimes we walk, sometimes we run errands, sometimes we clean house; then there's Border's storytime with Jared or Ava or maybe someday Caleb or Luke? Who knows?
Honestly though, the entire day is filler for Stella's favorite time of the day:

This is not staged. She is a natural lollygagger.

*"What do you do with your day now that you don't work. Do you get bored? Do you have a schedule? Do you know life's deepest mysteries? Where's the extra T.P.?"

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The Princess said...

Hey there! Just lurking so I thought I'd comment on this one!

Me? Now that I don't work? I bask in the awe of my daughter. Plan at least 2 outings a week to keep me out and about. I play with daughter, bring her for walks, read her books, sing her songs, clean, cook, try to rest. I'm busier now that I'm home then when I was working!

Cute site by the way!