Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wherein Words Fail

HA. One might think I'm about to expound on the wonders of life. Lo, the treasures of parenthood, marriage. Yea, the glories of the desert in the spring or the overwhelming feeling that you get when you discover you have new email.
No, I am going to say how cool is the internet. There is a tool out there where you can track where the people are who read your site, what site referred them to yours and how long they stayed. (Alas, people come from far and wide and stay for not so long. Is it me? Dost my stench offend?)
In the last few weeks I have had international visitors:
France, Holland, Spain, Greece, Australia, Brazil and even Canada! ("Oh, Canada...!") Granted these people take one look and move on, but still. Greece! Not to mention the many people from around the US. I know, for instance, that one person in Seattle, WA on a Holland America ISP read for around forty-five minutes. Yes, perhaps they came and left the browser open while they left and went to a meeting thus accounting for the length of time because I don't know if I have forty-five minutes of interesting information. However, if that person is reading now: do you suddenly have that hot flush to your cheeks of being discovered? Did you just have a birthday? Are you...pregnant?
And if you're reading and you want to know about this, how do you say, technology, I can tell you...but you musy ask!

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Sacagawea Extreme said...

ooohhhh...neat. It wasn't us cause we don't live in no Washington. How do you do that though??