Friday, April 21, 2006

Christa Joins the Backyard Cavalcade!

Dawn breaks across the Hanson backyard. Buddy and Tiny arise to another sun-bathed morning. Buddy moves to the rocks. Ahhh, very warm indeed. His very own spa treatment.

Meanwhile, Christa is allowing the desert sun to awaken her and dry out those soaked Seattle bones. "I can hardly wait to see Stella," Christa muses to herself. Suddenly, she hears some baby talk in the back room. Stella is slowly welcoming a new day with Auntie CJ. Knowing that Christa has traveled all the way from the North to see her, Stella erupts with her most welcoming gesture--The Lip!

The Lip is not used to coming out first thing in the morning. Yet, who is this person that is staring at her so enthusiastically. Such smiles and love--this must be an enemy? Stella knows not how to read other people's emotions or intentions. She merely detects Something Different.

We proceed to the out of doors. This is somewhat of a novelty for the citydweller CJ. All this animal activity! Dogs! Birds! Kittens! Junebugs advancing! This is Stella's normal fare. She's right at home. We are used to the morning antics of Buddy and Tiny. They growl and fight over their similarly proportioned food stuffs. What hilarity. We drink coffee and eat sausage. Stella partakes of the thumb. It is a normal day here--except for the presence of that New Person. We shall see how Stella makes room in her daily activities for--

Auntie CJ!

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