Thursday, April 20, 2006

Time for an Intervention

First, look at this face:
Have you ever had a friend that just can't get enough of something? Perhaps it's drugs, alcohol, Member's Only windbreakers or maybe good old fashioned appendage preference. Stella has adopted an obvious predilection for her thumb. It's still cute, don't get me wrong. It's cute because her thumb is still so tiny and relatively clean and lacking in a pruny sheen that comes from too much time in moisture. Her thumb is about 1/2 inch long and she's always finding time to spend with it.

While breastfeeding: "I'm eating. No problem. I'll sneak my thumb in here just for a little taste."
While playing: "Hello, Lobster. Hello, Octopus. Let's play Ocean. I'm a whale and my thumb can be some plankton. 'Boy, I'm hungry. Wish I had some plank--wait. Here comes some! Yum!'"
While eating pears: "Thanks for the pears, but there's nothing like thumb!"

I'm not too bothered by this preference. As I said, it's still cute. I've even tried the thumb. It is a smooth little delicacy. And if nothing else, she's learning how to multi-task.

Now, the thumb:

1 comment:

Mabel said...

What a cute little girl! Just be glad she's infatuated with her thumb... The thing that all 3 of my godsons were infatuated with, she doesn't have :)