Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Husband is SO Committed to the Environment

While driving to church on Sunday I said, "What are your thoughts on us becoming a one-car family?"

"I think it's possible. We basically drive this one car together all the time. I only use the Honda to drive to work and to ASU."

Thinking in my head, "Cool. One more thing to eliminate from our life. Less stuff. Rad."

Then Jamie announces, "I could always get a scooter."

"Yeah, that would be cool. They go about 400 miles on one gallon of gas. And they're cheap to insure--if you have to insure them at all."

That was Sunday, April 9th. The photo at left? Tuesday, April 11th. I know the Rolling Stones sing a song entitled "You Can't Always Get What You Want" but they haven't met my husband.


Sacagawea Extreme said...


Bucksprings said...

Your husband reminds me of my husband. Actually a scary thought when you think of what my Mark has accomplished. love your blog.

Hansonius said...

It ought to be known that Alishia was the first to mention the scooter. She has had scooter on the brain since before I knew her.

Yet another example of lies spread on the web.


Alishia said...

Don't insult your wife in a public forum! And on Good Friday no less!

kellybrookeg said...

this is hysterical for so many reasons, the least of which is the picture of jamie wearing a tie and loking unabashedly stoked to have a scooter. so have you sold your other car?