Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's Not Allergies

My eyes itch. And it's because I'm tired. Stella has begun her own routine. It involves getting tired and grumpy around 6:30 pm, falling asleep around 7 and waking up the next morning around 5:30. Did I mention her 3 am snack? She's gone through the night without eating for weeks--almost months--and now she's hungry. I know she's on her way to eating solids, but she wants nothing to do with rice cereal.

So, my eyes itch because I'm tired. This is the kind of day where I'm glad I didn't keep working because, seriously, how? I'm just glad that Jamie gets up early during the week to get ready for school because today that meant an extra hour of sleep while she exersauced and Bumboed out back with her dad--and I missed a poopy diaper!

This is from Stella's post-bath nightly euphoria time where she rolls around all giggly and cute for about ten minutes before she starts to unravel and demand to nurse, suck her thumb and close those big blue eyes.

Coming soon: the first airplane ride to California on May 17th! Will she cry? Will she like the ocean? Will we never be invited back? You'll hear it here first!

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