Monday, May 08, 2006

Relative of the Week: The Grandmas

In honor of mother's day, here are the Mothers.

We cannot prefer one grandma over the other, can we?

Stella has two: the Keek and Go Go.

They both love her all the time and make her cry some of the time. This is because Stella is a Sensitive Child. Jamie's mother was told by his Montessori teacher that he was a "homebody." I think it's safe to assume that Stella has this tendency. Let's just hope she doesn't go all Emily Dickinson on us. Of course we don't want any little Katie Holmes either.

What do grandmas do? They coo and swaddle. They kiss and hug. They fuss and fix. These are necessary things--nay, important things. This is what makes one a GrandMother.

I receive emails on a regular basis from both grandmas that inform me of the aesthetic superiority of their grandchild. This is still possible as Stella is The Only Grandchild that currently exists on either side. This is nice. It means she gets cool presents like quilted pink Ralph Lauren shoes with feathery little puffs, little green seersucker dresses, little pink seersucker blazers and college funds. (Yes, poodle. She already has more money saved for college than we have saved period.)

And here's the Other Mother in need of...something. Makeup, pain killers, a smile that is not lame:

This picture is at the very end of the long saga called birth which was preceded by dinner at Ra for sushi--because these intense muscle contractions are not labor pains, so let's go have some sushi! In fact, when we're finished, let's walk over to Barnes and Noble and browse the magazines because even though I'm a few days overdue, there's no possible way these could be actual labor contractions.

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Bucksprings said...

I was playing pool at George's Pool Hall in Marin just a few hours before Phil was born..I could have used some RA.