Saturday, June 03, 2006

First Veritas Graduation Ex Utero

First, can you tell who's getting used to posing for the camera?

Despite a series of increasingly unpleasant evening appearances, we decided to take Stella out on the town. She experienced her first graduation ceremony. What I believe will be her first of many. Here she is celebrating the beginning of Jamie's summer season at home. This time is also known as The Season of Frequent Domestic Squabbles. (Absence, my friends, does make that heart grow fonder. That heart being the one I keep locked inside a cold little cage all summer long while Jamie embarks upon lackadaisical undertakings.) We here at the Hanson house now know our limits, however, since the great Boca Sausage incident of June 2004.

This summer we will have more absence than presence here at Locus Hansonius. Jamie departs his beloved, Stella, and Stella's keeper for the Emerald Isle where he will frolic and cavort with other intellectuals and try to scam at the Guinness factory. The Mrs. already did this in her youth ten years ago, so she will stay and keep the home fries fires burning.

Anyway, what was I saying? Jamie goes to the land of ire without his spouse of ire while she stays home with all the cookie dough to herself.

And we all say, "Toll House."


Regina Lucia said...

I am so excited to hear about his trip!! I am an Irish dancer, and I bet that he will see a few of them on his trip! do you know if he will continue blogging on the trip?

Alishia said...

Will he continue blogging? Is the Pope Catholic?

Regina Lucia said...

good question! hang on while I check..... Guess that's a resounding YES! hahaha

Regina Lucia said...

i can't get over Stella in this picture! She is sooooo cute!