Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cue Music: Back in the Saddle

It's amazing how many things I think about writing throughout the day that I never sit down to write about...that being said. I wrote this a few days ago but Blogger was being insubordinate and refusing to upload my photos.

I will say this: Jamie's home, our house is on the mend and I will probably be having neighbor issues--and how! Perhaps my neighbors didn't watch much Mr. Rogers growing up; perhaps they are borderline white trash; perhaps they are deaf and dumb--as in Helen Keller; or perhaps they are inconsiderate, irresponsible SOBs who like to collect cranky dogs that bark in the wee hours. Either way, my petition has been filed with the County Prosecutor's Office and I will await the drama. Good thing our roof will be extra fortified to repulse any attacks. Just knowing this fact soothes many of my fears.

Here is a picture of our happy family. Yes, this is an old picture. Stella still had her slim, pre-solids figure that fit into her party pants. Those pants were appropriate because she was at a party. You can also tell because I am partaking of libations.

Oh, she wasn't ready for the camera, she had her fist in her mouth.

Much better:

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