Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hansonian Principle© #89A

"Whoever requests the beverage controls the beverage"
For instance, if you have the foresight to purchase a Lingonberry ICEE at IKEA to quench your thirst during the ride home, you have earned the right to consume 85% of that ICEE on your own. It is OK that your fellow rider gets only 15%. In fact, they should consider your generosity outstanding.

Later, if you have the foresight to request a Dr. Pepper at Quiznos and your fellow rider forfeits their soft drink purchase, you have earned the right, once again, to control that beverage. You may share or you may not--it is your decision.

This is a Hansonian Principle©. One should merely consider it advice. It is not canonical. We are not responsible for any familial repercussions of lapses injudgmentt as a result of following these principles. They do not always align with accepted social norms. (see sharing, sacrifice)

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tom said...

Have you seen the most recent Sonic commercial? They all crack me up but in this case, it's a wife asserting her dessert privilege in the face of her husband's request for a taste.

While writing this I just remembered you don't have a TV. So, of course, you haven't seen said commercial. Oh well. I saw it gratefully several times over the weekend while suffering with the flu, or something like it. It was the only chuckle I had in 48 hours.